About FA

As city dwellers and conscientious members of society, we have grown tired of seeing crappy architecture in our cities and neighborhoods. All too often, good design falls victim to arrogance and ignorance. Architecture should not be a vehicle allowing the greedy or patently uneducated to visually pollute the public space and downgrade our communities.

Where are the restraints on fucked architecture?  After all, most cities have a building and land use department; professional architects have a licensing process; and university architecture programs have an accreditation structure.  But they all seem to be failing us—there is really bad architecture all over the place.

At first, we kept our mouths shut.  We made—and continue to make—conscientious efforts to support good design.  But it’s not enough.  And just criticizing a building at a dinner party isn’t going to change anything.  So we decided to put a spotlight on those responsible for creating that shit sandwich of a building across the street from you.   Let’s see if we can harness the power of the internet to bring them the kind of attention they deserve.  Because we’ve got to do something—our cities and neighborhoods are getting worse.

For those who have a problem with this, we suggest you brush up on the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.